lunar abyss deus organum – snovidenie


lunar abyss deus organum (short l.a.d.o.) is the child of evgueny savenko from st. petersburg, who did some excellent releases over the past years with his own peculiar touch of doing  hypnotic ethno-ambient industrial music mostly under the name lunar abyss quartet.

his first 7" ep "brusnika" already was a pure aural-shamanistic journey , a gathering of the strangest feelings, voice-murmurs, weird animal noises, wind's force and whistles, the enchanting voice of a woman singing, and other softly looped voices.
in 2006 the lp "snovidenie" appeared on biosonar^labirint, and pushed the ambient/drone boundaries a bit further. it sounds much like 
"brusnika", but shows this time more industrial influences, heard on incredible tracks like "lid vaalen", which mesmerizes you with powerful drumming and surreal female voices.

all these natural sound-ingredients are merged into a deeply etched vibrating rhythm of raw and deepest rumbling analogue sounds. they are the kind of electro-acoustic drone-pieces that breathe spiritual strength and build shamanistic atmospheres full of intensity.

"snovidenie" is with only 323 hand-numbered copies a beautiful musical rarity.

Lunar Abyss Deus Organum – Snovidenie (2006)

na koncu - mjesto u prah, predji sav u zvijezde!

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