sutcliffe jügend – this is the truth

"this is gonna fuckin’ hurt!"
(sutcliffe jügend, "first victim : with knife : left to die with many cuts")


sutcliffe jügend
are kevin tomkins and paul taylor. from 1982-1984 tomkins was a regular whitehouse member, performing on the album "right to kill" (brilliant stuff).
extreme both musically and lyrically, the sheer brutality of sutcliffe jügend's early music has rarely been equalled. starting in the early eighties, they were among the creators of the power electronics genre. from pure noise (everything in the early days) to guitar based experimentation ("death mask"), each reinvention saw the duo trying something different. recently, they released a new full-length album on cold spring called "pigdaddy". i haven't had the opportunity to hear it yet.
there are not many musical projects of that intensity and perverted(sexual) violence out there. yes, their lyrics are extremely msyoginic and misanthropic in general. but frankly, this can take no common-sense person seriously –  i remember finding some of their songs rather comical. this spastic, chaotic and psychotic nature of  their work should always be beared in mind, while exploring sutcliffe jügend's opus. i bet their behaviour at home, next to their wives is the complete opposite to what they present musically.

for sutcliffe jügend, the victim is beauty. and so is their music. 8>

Sutcliffe Jügend – This Is The Truth (2007)

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