andrey kiritchenko – 00.00 (a suite of the midnight)


ukrainian electronic artist andrey kiritchenko started his musical career in 1995 as singer, song-writer and guitar player. being involved mostly in experimental electronic and electro-acoustic music for the last few years, andrey is now gaining recognition among the musicians and followers of this style all over the world. his activities range from glitch with blurred beats to electro-acoustic experiments, from improv to musique concrete, from drones to microsound.
in 2000, kiritchenko founded nexsound, an ukraine based independet record label, that is currently operated by dmytro fedorenko (kotra) as well.
nexsound mostly releases experimental music from almost all possible fields and genres – from improv post-rock and ambient to radical noise and microsound. at this moment today, nexsound is the main label for all ukrainian experimental electronic music.
counting other side-projects and aliases that kiritchenko has used, he released more than 30 records – for labels like spekk, ad noiseam, zeromoon, staalplaat, and of course nexsound

"00.00" is a very glitchy and minimal work, with extremely dynamic and precise sounds. it takes the best out of the recent clicks'n'cuts scene and never gets boring.

"very innovative, but really efficient and neither too long, too repetitive nor too exeperimental, here is once again an album that i will cherish (…).  whatever you might think of calm, clicky and bleepy music, do yourself a favor and check out something by andrey kiritchenko, may it be this or the sidhartha
[editor's note: sidhartha is one of andrey's side-projects] albums. they are really among the best of the breed for that type of music." (

Andrey Kiritchenko – 00.00 (A Suite Of The Midnight) (2002)


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