rome – masse mensch material

"if you were mine /i ‘d blush a little and die"
(rome, "das feuerordal")


"after two successful albums, "nera" and "confessions d’un voleur d’ames", rome blesses us with its 12-track-knock-out "masse mensch material" – which holds more than one musical surprise! rome’s particular brand of post-industrial folk, combined with new-wave song-writing and neo-classical arrangements, takes on a new and poppy twist. but these outstanding songs have way too much depth to be dismissed as mere pop music. this third album is of a more subtle darkness and probably rome’s best work to date.

a work of art of extreme sincerity, "masse mensch material" revolves around the themes of love, faith and endurance. rome has created a fascinating world of contradictions which each song lays out with clarity and with all the cruelty and kindness intact. within a very short period of time and at a terrifying pace, workaholic mastermind jerome reuter has carved his own path and created and established a dominion of his own, with its own codes and values. through its bitter sweet melodies of exquisite sadness and rebellion, its haunting lyrics, mesmerizing vocals and recordings of unmatched production and sound, rome has become the new face of dark romanticism. jerome’s voice echoes pride and death of a time and place long forgotten. a voice which becomes the axis that breaks one’s consciousness into some kind of tender submission. let yourself be buried in the shade of this masterpiece, in the beauty of desperation!" (cold meat industry)

as you can see, this review has directly been taken from the label that released "masse mensch material", so i'm afraid the description might be a bit pretentious. the album, nevertheless, sounds good, diverse and, indeed, mature. but rome makes music that you have to put away for a while, after first listening. as time passes, you'll probably see clearer and will know, whether you like it or not.

Rome – Masse Mensch Material (2008)

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