things that fit my mood, but do not have much in common


the last links of my latest upload batch.
besides that, two dead links (six organs of admittance) have been replaced with some that work.
Autechre – Tri Repetae (1995)
Tim Hecker – Mirages (2004)

Haus Arafna – Blut – Trilogie Des Blutes/Nachblutung (2006)

re-release of the 1996 original with 3 bonustracks.

Troum – Tjukurrpa (Part Three: Rhytms And Pulsations) (2003)

Grunt – Early Years 93/94 (2003)

compilation including songs from 5 first tapes from ‘93-94 perioid. harsh noise and power electronics, mostly instrumental, but with some vocals. all material recorded without effects, synth/computer. (no album cover found)

na koncu - mjesto u prah, predji sav u zvijezde!